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Mission Impossible 4 a.k.a. Ghost Protocol is the fourth installment of the famous movie franchise, Mission Impossible. In the fourth installment of this legendary tale, the Kremlin is at the target of a restless gang of terrorists. According to their treacherous plan, a few bombs are planted in the fictitious yet crowded city. In order to stop the mission, the U.S. government makes a black operative, Ghost Protocol. After the formation of the operatives, the government gives strict orders to Impossible Mission Force to stay away from the current mission. The government also warns Ethan Hunt. His team is to be blamed for the attack, but in the dark, Ethan and his team are allowed to search the real culprit. Ethan personally warns each member of his team to stay away from cops, or they would be labeled as terrorists. In this apparent escape mission, the Impossible Mission team has to take every single step smartly. The terrorists hold a desire to provoke a global nuclear war, and the black operatives don’t have any clue about them. In this way, everyone is under the radar of suspicion. Furthermore, Ethan is pressurized by his seniors to work with ex Impossible Mission Force agent, but Ethan doesn’t want to work with him, being well-acquainted with his past. Everybody’s past possesses some secrets, but what is so special about this man’s past? All your queries will be satiated once you watch Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol online!

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